How freelancers and the self-employed can benefit from open data today
Since 2009, the freelancer industry has continued to grow - up a massive 25%. In the UK, the industry is said to be worth £109 million, and that’s a lot of competition. You might, currently, have a few clients keeping you afloat, but there’s always room to expand your business.
How to build your startup business with open data
Did you know that all the data you need to start building your business is already available online, completely free? Open data provides business mailing lists and brand-new revenue streams and opportunities, from information already stored on the web.
Open data in a post-GDPR world
May 2018 signified a substantial change in the way companies harvest data and, subsequently, utilise the information. GDPR was introduced in an attempt to corrupt agencies and businesses from selling data and using ‘unethical’ means to source personal data.
Why you need to update your customer records
The importance of accurate data is critical - you need to make sure your customers are correctly segmented to hyper-personalise your campaign and present relevant services.
What is Open Data?
Open data refers to free data list which are publicly accessible. We run through the type of open data available, what you can do with it and how MyOpenData enhances these separate data lists by bringing them all together.
Benefits of open data
Recently there has been a move to transparency when dealing with information regarding the public. We list the many benefits of Open Data.
What is MyOpenData?
We take a closer look at what exactly MyOpenData is all about.