MyOpenData is a private company with a social conscience. Our goal is to become the UK’s largest business library of Open Data lists, combining an ever-growing number of resources with a smart probability engine that identifies the top 25% most likely targets, and making it available to marketers, and owners and managers of SME businesses for use in their direct mail campaigns.

We do this using a unique online service… the Community level of which is Free of charge with pay-as-you-go download credits.

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It’s unique because it allows members to search a library of previously separate open data sources and marry them up with household and business addresses to create usable direct mail lists for use in research, communications, sales and marketing.

Unlike traditional data suppliers these data lists do not require GDPR compliancy because Open Data sources are anonymous. Nor do you need to hire a Data Consultant or an in-house Data Analyst to access them... you don’t even need any data analysis skills because MyOpenData uses easy-to-use menus of data sources and pre-set targeting algorithms.

This has never been done before in the UK.

  • No one has brought all these open data sources together in one place before.
  • No one has created access to them through menus before.
  • No one has made it possible to profile and compare existing customer data to them before.
  • No one has made using targeting algorithms this easy before.
  • No one has made the results this low-cost before.
  • No one is making new open data sources and algorithms available on a weekly and monthly basis.

So yes, we are a commercial company, but we’d like to think we are creating a positive, open library of knowledge... one that is giving something back to the communities we belong to.

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MyOpenData was founded in 2018 and proof of concept funding was provided by Washington Direct Mail Limited and European Union Funding.​​​​